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The expansion of state cannabis and federal hemp legalization has opened the door for expanded research on various cannabinoids in Flower Mound Texas, particularly minor cannabinoids. CBN and CBG are a couple of the most well-known minor cannabinoids, however there are hundreds of other cannabinoids that are finally emerging into the light. One such cannabinoid gaining more attention is hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC for short. 

According to an article published by The Observer, “HHC… is a compound that is known to be the most stable version of THC because of its resistance to heat and UV radiation. It also has a substantially longer shelf-life than THC. Unlike THC-O, HHC is, in fact, naturally occurring.”

Research On HHC In Keller Texas

THC is one of the most commonly known cannabinoids, popular for its psychoactive properties. Various subsections of THC exist within the cannabis plant and can be found naturally within both medical/recreational marijuana and hemp strains. Current federal law requires all hemp products to contain less than .3% THC.  Much of the research done on HHC has focused its attention on how the cannabinoid interacts with various cancer cells. In a Study Published in 2010 by a team of researchers in South Korea, evidence was found that HHC compounds could be used as a potent chemotherapeutic agent for colon cancer. The preliminary study created a pathway for science to study potential alternatives for cancer patients around the world. 

In another study published in 2010, researchers found, “results suggest that novel synthetic hexahydrocannabinol analogs, LYR-7 and LYR-8, inhibit tumor growth by targeting VEGF-mediated angiogenesis signaling in endothelial cells and suppressing VEGF production and cancer cell growth”. Additionally, Research Has Found “It’s possible that hexahydrocannabinoid (HHC), being more stable than tetrahydrocannabinoid (THC), and less prone to dehydrogenation (converting to DHC and CBN), may have an impact on resistance towards oxidative metabolic breakdown in the liver”.

While studies are preliminary, current research has pointed down a very promising path towards the fight against various forms of cancer. Since cannabinoids like HHC are found in such small quantities naturally, large amounts of biomass are needed to complete their research. And thanks to the legal market, researchers have access to the biomass required to adequately study minor cannabinoids. Current research has already created niche sectors within the hemp and medical cannabis markets. Consumers cannot only find CBD, Delta, CBN, and CBG products, but also products derived from other lesser known minor cannabinoids. Oils, edibles, creams, and everything in between can be found in store shelves across the nation. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know you are choosing a quality product that will fulfill your needs?

Look For Quality Brands Of HHC

Consumers can do several things to ensure they are buying a quality product. First and foremost is shopping with a reliable brand that is focused on transparency and honesty. Brands like CBD American Shaman will provide information such as contact methods, educational content, and certificates of analysis to help consumers make an informed decision about the product they are purchasing.

A certificate of Analysis (or COA for short) is the result of a third-party testing facility. Details such as the terpene profile, potency, and other information are outlined within the testing results. Quality brands, like CBD American Shaman, ensure that consumers can find COA’s for products easily. At CBD American Shaman consumers can find COA’s for all of our products on our CBD Lab Reports page.

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Consumers can also check the validity of a product by checking the packaging. Quality brands will include information such as ingredients, potency, and suggested serving size directly on the packaging. The information on the packaging should also reflect the information provided on the brand’s website and other materials they provide. Additionally, quality brands will also ensure their packaging follows all FDA regulations. Quality brands will also invest in educational material to help answer any consumer questions. Content such as pamphlets, videos, and blogs are beneficial options for brands to connect with consumers and address concerns. At CBD American Shaman, consumers have a variety of options to get answers to their questions. Our blog contains information on everything from individual cannabinoids to product guides and current topics within the hemp community.

However, our most valuable tool to connect with our customers is our staff of experienced hemp professionals. Our staff members’ main goal is to help everyone who walks through our doors reach their goals when it comes to finding the right product for their lifestyle. We are the only CBD company in Texas to be certified by the US Hemp Authority and take pride in being a leader within the hemp community.

HHC Near Me At CBD American Shaman of Flower Mound

When it comes to shopping for any hemp product, whether it is CBD or derived from minor cannabinoids, knowing exactly what kind of product you need can be tricky. Our expert team of staff members at CBD American Shaman can help relieve the stress of trying to find your perfect product match. We encourage our customers to stop by one of our locations in Irving, Midlothian, or Richardson to receive one on one help from our knowledgeable staff.

HHC has a promising future as a beneficial cannabinoid within the medical community. The current focus has surrounded cancer research, particularly colon cancer and suppressing cancer cell growth. More stable than THC, HHC’s properties make it unique and deserving of the scientific spotlight. And though research is still within its early stage, HHC derived products have already begun appearing on store shelves across the nation. At CBD American Shaman, we encourage our customers to come shop in person at one of our conveniently located stores. Not quite sure where to begin? Our expert team of dedicated staff members is available to help you along your hemp journey by providing valuable insight on all of our products. And when you stop by one of our locations, you can also receive a free sample product!