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Eagle Mountain Park

If you’re planning a trip to Fort Worth, Texas, you might want to check out Eagle Mountain Park. This 400-acre recreation area offers hiking trails and a scenic overlook. There are many things to do here, including a beautiful picnic area, so you’re sure to find something to do. And if you’re traveling with children, this park has a playground for them, too. If that’s not enough, you can also find a variety of wildlife.

Located just north of Fort Worth, Eagle Mountain Park has over 10 miles of hiking trails. Hiking enthusiasts will find plenty of peaceful views on the ten-mile-long trails. You’ll find mile markers and plenty of natural scenery throughout the trails. The trails are moderately-rated, but they do feature some steep climbs. The trails will test your quadriceps, so bring plenty of water with you and enjoy the scenic views. Click the Following Page

Guests of the park can visit the Fort Worth Science and History Museum to view the planets and stars. They’ll also find a live feed of the Hubble Telescope from the telescope. Visitors can also enjoy live theater at the Amphibian Stage Productions. This company is comprised of three former students of TCU. It offers a variety of shows and open to the public. Applications are required for talent and crew.

The park has a rich history as a cattle ranch. It was once used for cattle grazing and even has remnants of old farm structures, including a barn and windmill. The Park is the home of Fort Worth icon Kay Kimball, who relocated to Eagle Mountain from downtown Fort Worth in 1938. Collin Martins cultivated gardens in his backyard and along the lake. Because of this, many non-native plants were cultivated.

The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge offers twenty miles of hiking trails for visitors. There are also plenty of local breweries, such as Martin House Brewing. The brewmaster hosts rotating brews that are year-round and micro-seasonal. The brewery also offers tours and tastings. You can also take a picnic at the park’s picnic tables. You can linger at the picnic tables or explore the natural wonders in the park. Click the Following Website

Another fun way to spend an afternoon is at Eagle Mountain Lake. The lake is huge and extends over 8,000 acres. There is a swim beach there, and the lake’s shore is perfect for families during the summer. And since the park is located on a lake, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to do water sports and boat. You’ll even find a party cove on the lake for your next gathering.

For those who prefer to spend a little more time in nature, you may want to stay at one of the RV parks in Fort Worth. These campgrounds offer affordable rates and are close to many popular Fort Worth attractions. Besides full hookups and cable, you’ll also have access to restrooms and coin-laundry facilities. Some campgrounds even offer dog-walking areas, so you can take your pooch for a walk.